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Australia to Hawaii

Island hopping from Papua New Guinea to Hawaii via Fiji.

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T-11 and counting

Less than 2 weeks and I will be an expatiate living in a foreign land and learning a totally different culture. My mind is having difficultly trying to fathom what ‘shock’ that I am about to experience. Leaving the USA for a topical island in the South Pacific where over 85% of the nationals live subsistence is beyond imagine for any white skin. Luckily for me, I’ve had a short, brief 2 week introduction to the island and culture. Not to say that I have a jump start on anyone else, but at least my eyes have seen and my tongue has tasted.

Today, reading in Ephesians brother Paul is encouraging the church to pray and pray every moment. I shared with the class that money, education, skills and talents would be nothing unless prayer was involved. Me going across the ocean would be nothing unless prayer was involved. I can have the proper documents, financial support, and skills required but if I or you do not pray then God is absent. Paul reminds us to pray, and pray often. I can testify that I personally can feel the power of prayer. There were times when I was in PNG last year that I felt prayers. There were times when I was in Dallas for missiological training that I felt prayers. God’s Spirit is alive and you must not forget to pray. Your communication to the Father is through prayer and worship. Your Father wants a relationship with you, will you talk to your Him?


I think one of the biggest crutches in life is transportation. Take your mode of transportation away and life comes to a halt. Well, I have been nursing my battery for a month or more and finally Saturday afternoon I went to start my Jeep and I heard ‘click, click, click, click’. Finally my battery has lost the ooooffff to start the engine. I am stuck! Well at least I was stuck at home and not elsewhere. I scrambled for a jump but still the same result. It must be really really dead or bad connections. The battery is approximately 60 months old and the cold cranking amps in Alaska is just not doing it. A new car battery less than 2 weeks before I leave is not on the budget list. I made a few phone calls and I got a used battery that works for the last few weeks of my life as I know it in the USA. I cleaned the terminals, tighten the fittings with new bolts and nuts, and 3 hours later the roar of an engine. Now if I can just milk it 11 more days.

Next Sunday, Jan 16 will be my last Sunday and the church will be having a coffee and dessert following service. This will be my sending service and the pastor has asked if  I wanted to say a few words. I will be preparing a few statements to say to the church on my last Sunday. A few points will be thanks for sending me, please continue to pray for me, and how God has impacted my life.

Prayer Requests:
Final preparation for moving and packing
Pacific Orientation Course – 14 week orientation to the culture, land, customs, and language that I will be attending shortly after arrival

God has provided: work permit, visa, and financial support

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Lost Lake Winter Hike

A short hike into a snow forest. Trying to enjoy the short, cold winter days. As we near the winter solstice day light hours are near 5 hrs. Getting away from the wind and search for protection you have to give up the sun. I found a short hike along Lost Lake trail. Snow base is about 1 ft and continues further down the trail.

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For nothing is impossible with God

This weeks focus has been the scripture from Luke 1:37 – ‘For nothing is impossible with God.‘ This is story of when Gabriel the angel came to the virgin Mary with the news that she give birth to a son, and give him the name Jesus.  Think of this impossible acts:  the act of a virgin giving birth, even the use of apostles such as the uncouth John the Baptist to be the front man for Jesus or unstable Peter to become the Rock of the Church. God truly uses the ordinary (Mary, John the Baptist, Peter, me and you) to do the extra-ordinary. Why? Because God loves us and God has faith in us. The angel said, ‘Do not be afraid.’ (Luke 1:30) Are you afraid as an ordinary to do the extra ordinary for God? Try to put your feet in the shoes (or sandals) of Mary. ‘For nothing is impossible with God.

This past week I was starting to worry about financial matters in relation to my budget funding of raising $25,000/yr or $38,000 for 18 months. I am six weeks from departing the USA for PNG. My last count I was looking at 80 – 85% total budget raised. Earlier this week emails started swirling about my budget needing to be raised by 10% to account for a more comfortable less restrictive time on the field. I was not pleased to be reading this as I am preparing to leave in six weeks. My mind was calculating that I am now only at 70 – 75% funded. I need to be at least 90% funded before I can purchase airfare.  As I have been praying and trusting God to provide as he promises in Phil 4:19 that I will be 100% funded and all needs will be satisfied. To make long story short, I received 25% total support this past week plus adding monthly support for the first year I am currently 122% funded based on my original approved budget. If you extrapolate 18 months, I am only 8% short of my goal. Praise the Lord! I am shocked and surprised nonetheless to go from 80% to 120%. Wow, I never thought I would raise near $38,000 for 18 months of support in 10 weeks. Praise be to God!

I also mailed and applied for my 3 year resident visa this week. It did arrive to the PNG Embassy in DC on Thursday. I called the embassy and they did tell me my application and passport did arrive and my approval from the PNG government has arrived as well. I should have my resident visa in 3 – 5 days.

Prayer Requests:
– Resident Visa will be obtaining without error or hang-ups
– Continued support for 100% funded
– Start to look for one way airfare and purchase of tickets

– God has supplied 122% for first year and 92% for 18 months


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I want to fight!

What are you fighting for? Listen to Paul Washer, Director of the HeartCry Missionary Society, for his inspiration to fight.

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After reading my daily Purpose Driven Connection devotion from Rick Warren I am reminded of why I am becoming a missionary.

The title of his devotion was, “Jesus measures greatness by service, not status.” Whoever wants to be great must become a servant. Mark 10:43 (MSG)

Everyone wants to lead; no one wants to be a servant. We would rather be generals than privates. Even Christians want to be “servant-leaders,” not just plain servants. But to be like Jesus is to be a servant. That’s what he called himself.

Remember, God shaped you for service, not for self-centeredness.

How can you know if you have the heart of a servant? Jesus said, “You can tell what they are by what they do” (Matthew 7:16 CEV).

Society today beckons leaders. If you are not a leader, we do not want you. Some say they are half and half, servant-leaders. However few people humbly say I am neither, I want to be like Jesus, I am a servant to the master. I confess I am not a leader; I am a follower of the shepherd. One of my daily prayers is, Let God lead me and trust Him to help Ps 37:5 CEV. I want God to lead me as I follow solely after him. All God wants from his servants is a call of obedience to Him.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Luke 10:2

I am here Lord, do you hear me calling, use me, send me. I want to be a kingdom builder and a Father pleaser.

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