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This week Emily wrote for the branch website, pbtpng.org, about harvest time in north central Montana and the harvest fields in Papua New Guinea. I feel it is appropriate to share with you as well.

By Emily

It doesn’t matter where I am in the world, I always long to be back in the harvest fields in north central Montana during the months of July and August.  Many people describe Papua New Guinea as paradise.  Though it may be tropical paradise it will take my heart a long time to consider it my idea of paradise.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the lush beautiful scenery of Papua New Guinea and the adventure it brings. My heart still screams for the rolling fields of golden wheat when it’s ready to harvest mixed together with the big blue sky.  The opportunity to be “on call” for whatever equipment part that needs to be picked up in town or busy preparing the next meal, at which point getting a call to come move machinery.  I had a part to play in the harvest and though it’s been done many times without me, at the time I served a purpose.  My brothers would poke fun at mom, my sister and I that they did all the hard work but really at the end of the day it took a level of team work to get it all done. At the end of harvest we could all utter a sigh of relief and be proud of what was accomplished, not to mention have a good steak dinner to celebrate.

Today, I’m in Papua New Guinea because of the deep impact the harvest season had on my life and the reality that Jesus himself said,

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Luke 10:2)

My heart beats to know that God has a plan for the people of Papua New Guinea to know himself and that He wants to use me to be a part of the harvest.  Every day I realize the sheer magnitude of the task and realize the pressure that dad had on his shoulders to do whatever it took to bring in the harvest each year.  It takes strategy, sacrifice, and sheer determination to keep on keeping on.  Thank you to all who are praying, sending and going, we will one day be in true paradise rejoicing over the harvest and it will be magnificent!

Emily is the Director of Support Services.

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