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100% ROI

I was straight out of university when I was faced with reality of putting finance terms I learned into practice. I enrolled into my first retirement plan, 401(k), and I was pressed to look at returns, asset allocation, and diversification of funds. You might ask, how long would it take to double my investment. The Rule of 72 states take 72 divided by the rate of return and you will find out the length of time to double your investment. If you have $1000 earning 5% annually it will take approximately 14.5 years to double your principle.

The reason I explain this is because I am presenting you a chance to double your investment today; a 100% ROI, return on investment. We have a critical need for a new replacement vehicle in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Most of our aging vehicles require more repair, time, and money to keep them on the inadequate roads of PNG.

Right now we are at an exciting time as new team members are joining our branch. We have one family with two young children and one single female coming as translators this coming January. God is answering our prayer for more harvest workers! Like your vehicle is important to you, it is doubly important to us as overseas missionaries. One area Hi-Aceof high concern is security and trustworthiness. With many single females on our team, it is an extreme concern to them to have a secure and trusty vehicle. Driving past dark in a vehicle that you can’t trust is a very stressful situation for anyone in a foreign developing country. The vehicle featured was a recent branch owned vehicle that had transmission issues, battery drainage, and mold on the seats and ceiling.

I have good news…if you feel led to give towards a new replacement vehicle for PNG, your gift will double. 100% ROI! That is right, for every dollar you give it will be matched $1 to $1.

To read more about our branch vehicle struggles read this recent blog post from one of our overseas missionaries with a first hand experience at stress, fear, and insecurity. http://www.pbtpng.org/branch-vehicle-struggles

If you feel led to give and double your money or have more questions, please contact me: tyler.hewitt@pbti.org

You will find giving instructions on the link above or contact me.

Please join with us in prayer for a new replacement vehicle. Lord, hear our prayer.

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