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Wewak Getaway

Emily and I took last week off from work for a week long holiday (vacation). Turned out, I worked on the boat over the weekend, installed new screen wire on the front window and mowed grass before leaving on Wednesday afternoon for Wewak. Finally in Wewak we both were able to relax and enjoy the sights as well.

Wewak is the Gateway to the Sepik. Wewak is the provincial centre of the East Sepik province that lies northwest of Madang along the Pacific Ocean. We left Madang for a 45 minute flight to Wewak. Wewak is off the road system and only accessible via plane or boat. One of the main draws to Wewak was to visit our friend Missy who works with SIL and was staying at the SIL Guesthouse in Wewak. We made arrangements to stay at the guesthouse for three nights and visit with Missy. (Missy is from Australia and came to visit us in Alaska last year.)

Approaching Wewak town along the beach drive

In Wewak, we went to the town market, did some errands, and went to lunch at a local hotel restaurant. That afternoon we drove to Passam (1 hr drive out of town towards the mountains) to enjoy a waterfall. I was thinking of a more traditional waterfall with water free falling into a pool rather than cascading water over rocks. The water was refreshing and many spots along the rocks offered great hydrotherapy back massages.

Friday we relaxed at the guesthouse reading and playing card games before venturing out in the afternoon to the beach and a seaside dinner at the other local hotel restaurant. The breeze was pleasant and the white sand provided excellent beach walking.

It all ended with a 7:30 am flight back to Madang the next morning. Only to come home and find a coconut tree snapped in half and lying in the ocean. Luckily the tree did not fall the other direction that would have hit our truck or the house…odd how things happen while you are away. Overall, it was a good getaway and a great opportunity for Emily and I to leave town, the house, the office, and find some R&R.

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