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This past week Tyler & I had the opportunity to sit in on vision casting session of Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT). The purpose was to listen to the vision for the next 6 years of Pioneer Bible Translators and get in step with the strategy of how we were going to accomplish it and how it would play into the goal of year 2050.

The goal for all of the Bible translation organizations is to have every last language on earth translated into God’s Word by year 2050. PBT’s part in the 2250 remaining worldwide languages is roughly 10% or 250 languages. We are hoping to start and finish 250 projects by year 2050. We currently work in 56 languages in 12 different countries. In Papua New Guinea alone there are over 800 languages and in the Madang Province where we work there are 162 languages. PBT currently works in 14 languages and will need to start 50 more in order to complete the goal. What a task!

The days following this vision casting meeting I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the greatness of the task, overwhelmed by knowing that it would not come without the sacrifice of many people’s lives…no, not saying we would die for the sake of these translations, but that it requires our life day in and day out. I was also overwhelmed, because there is no way this is possible unless prayer was our strategy. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness that we are an organization that stands on the fact that PRAYER is our strategy. We cannot tell you how 250 new projects will be started and completed by 2050 or how we are going to double our membership in the next six year than do it again in the following six years or how we are going to find the millions of dollars needed to facilitate this dream. The only thing we can promise one another is all we can do is pray and TRUST that God will answer our prayers.

I am humbled to be a part of a team that seeks to do the impossible, standing on the foundational faith, knowing God makes all things possible. In the same light, I am challenged and overwhelmed to know that this will be no easy task and there will be no slowing down in the near future. I pray God will be glorified and that His mighty power will empower our efforts as we look towards heaven. It is such a blessing to know that Tyler & I are not in this alone but we stand on the shoulders of so many of you who have sacrificed your time, offerings and talents to help us be where we are today. Thank you and please don’t stop praying!

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